Hi Nabeelah

Are you selling make-up and skincare now? I noticed that your blog has a lot of make-up for sale.

– Reader

I have received this question quite a few times and I thought I would finally address it. It comes with no surprise as my social media pages are always filled with beauty products.

I am not directly selling the cosmetics / skincare products I talk about on the blog – I am simply linking  you to trusted vendors that sell these products, like Pink Cosmetics, Dream Fusion, Mystique Beauty, and others affiliate links.

Question: Do you get Paid to Blog?

Kind of (?) I get paid through affiliate links, however the money is used to purchase new products to review on Rogue Life. If I am not paid I am compensated with cosmetics in a “Trade Exchange” in return for an honest review on Rogue Life.

Question: Is Disclosure Important?

If you are following somebody, be it a blogger, youtuber, or any other form of influencer – big or small – you expect them to deliver their utmost honest opinion. If someone is being sponsored by a company and not being open about the fact that they are sponsored, it is manipulative.

Question: How do Affiliate Links Work?

I have always shared Affiliate Links and Discount Codes on social media, but I thought it would be wise to dedicate a page to all the affiliate programs I am a part of making it easier for you to find.

The affiliate programs I am apart of usually pay a very small commission based on the purchase you make using my affiliate link,  and a few others compensate me with a discount code for myself to purchase products at a lower price in return for social media coverage.

A few brands blatantly do not compensate me and I solely share my discount code for the benefit of my readers -a student budget is tight, we can all appreciate a discount!

Affiliate Links & Discount Codes

Pink Cosmetics

Pink Cosmetics have been around since ’14 bringing you the best, exquisite, international make-up brands from around the world. Janet also has her own artisan range “Pink Bath” -from artisan soaps, masks, scrubs and home scents, to bath, hair and body products, the range of Pink Cosmetics is ever evolving.

Janet has kindly provided all my readers and social media followers with a 5% discount code which can be used site wide on Pink Cosmetics. The discount code is:


Samika Store

SAMIKA is a South African online store specializing in the import of our favorite international make-up brands. A few to mention are; Anastasia Beverly HillsColourpope.l.fMakeup GeekMorphe, and Juvia’s Place. The owner, Sameera is kind and helpful and will guide you through your purchase. Discount Code:


Swiitch Beauty

Swiitch Beauty was founded by Rabia Ghoor, who has been keeping us up to date with the latest trends at the most affordable prices. Save an extra 5% on your Swiitch Beauty order by using my discount code:


Dream Fusion

Dream Fusion is an all-female owned & run South African business. We strive to bring the highest quality, most affordable, desirable & unique hair & beauty products to the South African market! Discount Code: