Labello Vanilla Buttercream Review

This week we will be chatting about the latest addition to the Labello Range. As a personal fan of the brand from my teenage years, I was excited to see what the brand new Vanilla Buttercream flavor had to offer.

Lip Balms: Enriched with shea butter and vitamin e oils, they are all about hydration and often also have an SPF. Mostly applied for their moisturising and protective benefits, lately, lip balms have been tinted so it offers you a hint of colour and satin finish.

I love lip balms. There I said it. I might have an actual problem, as over the years I started purchasing them as a hobby and now I am left with a draw full to get through. But funny enough? Lip Balms NEVER seem to finish! They really do go a long way.

I cannot pick or choose a favorite brand, as long as they are hydrating, moisturizing, do not crack my chapped lips and lead to bleeding, I am happy.

There was not a day that went by while trialing the New Vanilla Buttercream Labello that I did not crave freshly baked and iced-vanilla cupcake! It smells divine, all I wanted to do was lick my lips, but that would defeat its purpose hey?

The lip balm is branded in classic Labello packaging.


  • Immediately Cares For Your Lips
  • Delights With Vanilla Aroma
  • Leaves Your Lips Deeply Moisturised And Smooth
  • Skin Compatibility Dermatologically Approved

I really love how the Labello Vanilla Buttercream applies. It glides like icing – pun intended. All that is left behind is a light, deeply moisturizing layer. Do not mistake this with the usual icky-vicky-greasy feeling. It is the complete opposite.

I have discovered, applying my Labello Vanilla Buttercream daily as a primer before applying a matte-lipstick, enhances the longevity and smoothness of my lipstick, along with keeping my lips in tip-top shape.

I also love that the Labello Vanilla Buttercream does not leave any tint on my lips, it is sheer and luminous and that is what I have been looking for in a lip balm and lip gloss lately.

I most certainly would recommend the Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm. If you are sensitive to fragranced lip balms I would say to skip this and rather try one of the unfragranced Labello lip balms.

Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm | R24,99 | Dischem, Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers

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