Silisponge Review

Prepare to Never Waste Any Makeup Again With This Clear Makeup Sponge

It’s like your fingers — only better.

Silisponge (RRP-R80)

If you have been keeping up with your beauty news lately, you may have caught a glimpse of the latest and strangest makeup obsession — the SiliSponge. As its name suggests, this neat little invention is a makeup sponge made of silicon, though it looks a lot more like a silicone breast implant, if you ask me. If you’re as intrigued by the unique product as I am, you may now be wondering — where can you buy the silicone sponge? Here is the 101.

People are freaking out because bra inserts are being used as a makeup sponge dupe! YouTube is filled with girls cutting up there bra’s to try out this insane trend after they kept selling out so fast on Molly Cosmetics, but luckily for you, Urban Addiction has you covered!

First Impressions 

When I opened my package for the first time, I was so underwhelmed. Damn the SiliSponge is so tiny! I expected way more for something  so over-hyped about, not forgetting expensive? A few other online stores have them retailing for R150 not taking into account courier charges making it a pretty expensive make-up tool!


The SiliSponge is made entirely of silicone, encapsulated in a super-flexible material called thermoplastic polyurethane and is not porous. It is designed to not absorb as much product as your regular beauty blender and in turn prevent any wastage.


I decided to test out this mystery tool by applying foundation to half of my face with the SiliSponge and the other half with my beauty blender. This would help compare the two directly and also show how each tool performs in its own capacity. I used the e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation.

I took half of my regular amount of foundation directly on to my SiliSponge and then started applying it to my face -remember to take less then your usual amount as the SiliSponge does not absorb any product.

The SiliSponge has a smooth surface making the application process seamlessly easy. The challenging part is spreading your product evenly on your face.

At first I attempted to blend the product as a matter of habit, however the key is to pat gently around your face to allow the product to spread and make sure the entire surface is covered. After you have ‘patted’ the product over your entire face you can proceed and start blending.

Remember that as with any new beauty tool, time and patience is first required before mastering the art of using it.

Beauty Blender  vs SiliSponge

I used equal amounts of foundation with the SiliSponge and beauty blender. The beauty blender absorbed almost all of my product and left a very light coverage. The SiliSponge provided a greater coverage with the same amount of product. Blending with the beauty blender is like second nature to me, it went seamlessly  fast compared to patting with the SiliSponge which was rather time consuming – especially if you are attempting to get ready in a short span of time. The end result spoke for itself, the beauty blender helped achieve a very natural no make-up look, whereas with the SiliSponge provides a heavier unblemished look.


The SiliSponge does not require any soap or complicated brush cleaning tools. It simply needs to be run under some water and you are good to go. This will save you a great deal of time, and you can clean your sponge daily.

Price and Purchase

The SiliSponge can be purchased directly from Urban Addiction for only ZAR 80. If you are based in the PTA region you can avoid courier charges by arranging to pick up your product directly from Fatima. If not, she has you covered – delivery is 1-2 days and I always receive my items on the same day that they are couriered! For more information have a look at her Instagram page here.

Overall Impressions 

The SiliSponge is said to be the product of the year and I was eager to try it out. My beauty blender absorbs a lot of product, so finding a tool that absorbs 0% was pretty impressive! It does require a substantial amount of practice and can prove to be quite challenging at first.

The tool provides a fair-medium coverage. If you suffer with acne, blemishes, dry skin or uneven skin tone then this is not for you! You do not want to look unnatural! Since you would require thicker foundation, a brush would be the correct tool for this.

I had to get used to the amount of product required when using the tool, during my first attempt I used my regular amount of foundation -3 pumps- and ended up with a whole lot of excess product and a cakey face. I recommend starting of with 1/3 of your regular amount of foundation and build up from there.


  1. Saves product
  2. Does not require dampening before use, like the beauty blender
  3. Easy to clean, does not require soap or any brush cleaning tools -only hot water
  4. Does not break as easily as the beauty blender
  5. Life-term up to 6 years
  6. Does not grow mold or harvest bacteria


  1. Requires time, patience, and practice to get used to
  2. Only applicable to smooth skin, if you have dry or uneven skin it’s tricky to apply your product evenly and I would rather recommend using a brush
  3. Blending your foundation is difficult, use only liquid foundations and not powder or cream based

Would I purchase this again? Most definitely! The beauty world is so vast and innovative, making it imperative to keep up. This unique beauty tool  is a must have if it appeals to you.

DISCLAIMER: I received the above product free of charge from Urban Addiction to review and share my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company.

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