A good 4-hours at a spa is one of the best ways to feel like you’ve had the rest of a beach holiday, without the expense, hassle or time of having to leave your city.

A few weeks ago I went to the St Andrews Hotel & Spa in Bedfordview, Johannesburg East, for a relaxing morning and afternoon, indulging in their 6-course Escape Spa Package . I was invited to come and experience the Spa, in return for a review on my blog.

Of course, the Spa was amazing, more on that, but one of the best things about St Andrews Spa was that it was 15 minutes from O.R Tambo Airport. As in, from my home (East Rand) to the spa to, took 15 minutes on an early Thursday. St Andrews Hotel & Spa is not hard to find either, I just used Apple Maps on my phone and it took me right to the entrance.

The Property

The property is absolutely stunning. It is completely different, and often referred to as An Oasis In The City. St Abdrews Hotel & Spa is hidden by the beauty of nature and perfectly situated on the rooftop of the St Andrews Hotel, overlooking Gillooly’s Dam, St Andrews Spa is quiet, relaxing and serene. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

Arrival At St Andrews Spa

Once you open the door to the reception you are instantly greeted by friendly and smiling staff. After filling out the paperwork and questionnaires, you are taken on a quick tour of the spa, and given your plush cotton robe (which, you’ll never want to get out of). Once you’re robed up your ultimate spa experience begins.

The Spa

I opted for the Escape Package (240 minutes, R1700). The description was:

Experience a relaxing, rejuvenating full spa experience at St Andrews Spa and go back to your life feeling like a new person.

Welcome drinks on arrival
Full Body ME-EM Exfoliation of your choice followed by a shower
Full Body Aroma Massage
Foot & Hand Retreat
ME-EM Deluxe Pamper Facial
Spa Platter – request in advance – choice of fruit/ savory /sweet

I decided to switch out the Full Body Aroma Massage, and instead chose to go with the Full Body Hot Stone Massage – which I do not regret at all!

The spa services that they offer are extensive. You can browse through the services here:

After being escorted to my treatment room, that was where the relaxation began. I was thrilled to have an entire treatment room to myself, as privacy is key when it comes to Spa treatments. The room had a personal bathroom with a shower, a sauna & three massage beds with electric blankets.

Full Body ME-EM Exfoliation (30 minutes, R440)

“Unveil lustrously smooth skin with a personalized blend of desired Kalahari medium and a hydrating blend of nourishing botanic oils. Buff away dry dull skin to reveal your unique desert glow”

My therapist, Margaret used the Kalahari Desert Glow Exfoliation Scrub which is a luxurious mineral based exfoliation infused with rich botanical oils and extracts. The finely crushed buchu leaves left my skin infused with a delicate aroma and I was told that the natural plant oils will improve the skins smooth and nourished condition. The mineral-rich Kalahari salt assist the body’s natural detoxification process by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. Dull skin will be left stimulated and revitalised.

I was a bit concerned that the scrub would be too harsh, but my therapist assured me that it wouldn’t, in the end it turned out to be lovely and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It is usual to have it lying down, and if you’re lucky on a heated  table to keep you warm while you have your treatment, which is exactly what St Andrews Spa offered.

Somehow, despite the fact that they scrub and wash your whole body, you’ll be almost entirely covered for the whole treatment, as towels are expertly rolled and folded to maintain your dignity.

At the end of the treatment I was left alone to have a good shower to get rid of any remains of the product.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes, R565)

“A Massage that uses, flat, heated stones which soothes and relaxes the muscles, it restores energy within the body. This massage incorporates Swedish Massage techniques which promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation and alleviates stress.”

I really appreciated that every step of the way, my therapist confirmed that the pressure was not too hard, and the stones not too hot. It was the perfect remedy after a few nights of bad sleep. The masseuse worked out majority of the knots out my back and applied the perfect pressure all throughout the massage.

Before experiencing the Hot Stone Massage, I did not truly appreciate its benefits. A great way to relax your muscles and relieve stress, I left my treatment feeling calm and relaxed. I also had an amazing night’s sleep, which I am positive was due to the massage.

ME-EM Deluxe Pamper Facial (60 minutes, R510)

“Cleanse, steam, exfoliation, brow shape, extractions, pamper deep facial and shoulder massage. Specified mask. Hand massage. Tone & Moisturise. (For Men, Women and our younger clients).”

The lighting is perfectly dim and there’s a furry blanket to snuggle under. In a soft voice, my therapist talks me through the facial process (cleanse, exfoliate, extraction, face-mask, tone + moisturize) so she won’t need to bother me with information when I’m in my post-massage relaxed state – a thoughtful touch indeed.

A combination of ME-EM & Kalahari products were used for this facial even though it is called an ME-EM Facial. As my therapist began, the process was familiar as I am quite vigorous with my at home skin care routine as well. The facial was lovely, in between the process I had a face massage which left me in and out of consciousness . The ME-EM Facial left my skin smoother, hydrated and luminous, and was a lovely treatment overall. I also would like to add that I did not break out post-facial like I do with other facials I have experienced before.

Foot & Hand Retreat (80 minutes, R530)

“Soak, Scrub,Exfoliation, Foot / Leg + Arm / Hand Massage, Cuticle Treat, with Massage & Paint.”

As I already had an entire Body Scrub + Exfoliation right at the beginning, including my hands and feet, my therapist and I agreed that we would omit this part of the Foot & Hand retreat, as over-exfoliating could be harsh on the skin. I also chose to not have my nails painted.

Margaret, my therapist buffed and polished my nails to perfection. I love that my polished nails could be seen from a distance and lasted quite long, definitely a job well done.

The highlight of the Foot & Hand Retreat for me had to be the pedicure. St Andrews Spa has Pedicure Massage Chairs which enhance natural healing and wellness through the healing power of Shiatsu Massage.


My therapist was super friendly and warm. She had a great energy and knew when to chat -I was a bit chatty at the start- and also knew when to be quiet -when I started spacing out. I love that she talked me through each treatment prior to starting and explained the products that were to be used. The treatments were delivered exceptionally well and Margaret was very professional.

The Facilities

  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Relaxation room
  • Garden / outdoor space
  • Steam Room


St Andrews Hotel & Spa is located at:

22 Milner Ave,
South Africa

Hours Of Operation

Daily 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM

How To Book An Appointment

Thanks to GoBeauty booking an appointment was simple and easy.  GoBeauty was created to fill a gap in the beauty market by creating a platform to book a beauty appointment within its platform which is used via WeChat, and now appointments can also be booked via the GoBeauty website.

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